Central Location Testing

Opinions facilities are equipped and ready for any of your Central Location Testing needs.  We churn out  high volume projects in a short period of time and on a regular basis.

We can do these in our sleep:

  • Pre-recruits
  • Class-room style large groups
  • Multi-day tests
  • Test kitchens
  • Product preparations/testings
  • In-home use tests


Proprietary Database

Our panel puts your within reach of over 750,000 responsive members across the U.S. Thanks to our double opt-in face-to-face screening process we are able to target various audiences. We can even cross-segment by information such as gender, age, ethnicity, income, profession, car and home ownership, and medical ailments. Repsondents can be recruited to participate in all methodologies and are always verified twice before participation.


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