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Position your brand successfully

As the ultimate full-service, in-house option for all essential elements to position your brand successfully with consumers, our streamlined services amplify your success in the market.

Our In-House Difference is What Sets Us Apart

You no longer need to use multiple agencies to get answers from today’s modern consumers. Opinions LTD saves you valuable time and resources by researching, testing, and identifying the optimal approach to deliver a continuum of exceptional data, analysis, and reliable market insights directly to you.

Our Streamlined Process

At Opinions LTD, you work with one company, one contact. We provide consistent protocols to conduct accurate, timely, and quality research. Fast-moving, consumer-goods companies appreciate that we have multiple, company-owned and operated, and conveniently located testing centers. We follow a strict, yet mixed, methodology with real-time consumers, a vast database, and diverse panels to ensure success. Our professionals convert the data we collect into the essential feedback you require to develop a winning strategy for your brand’s success.



Our testing capabilities and expertise ensure that your product and packaging receive real-time testing, including all areas of your new product's development and product line extensions.


Our qualitative methods use research carefully constructed from your customers' word choices and meanings, non-verbal behaviors, and body language to explore more complex concepts, customer experiences, and journeys from the path to purchase.


We research and test in person to provide "the human factor" in testing locations, in-store, on-shelf, or in our shopper labs, and then we painstakingly interpret and highlight all essential data.


We are experts at evaluating customer and user experience, using strategic research methodologies that ensure you can effectively survey and capture the real-life voice of your customers.

Continually Evolving to Meet Your Needs

Our commitment to being agile, adaptable, and accommodating to your specific needs is why we have so many clients who continue to return to us. Our keen ability to scale projects successfully and our vast scoping knowledge and fieldwork expertise place us at the top of our industry.

Many of our valued clients tell us we are intuitive, creative, collaborative, and quality-driven. They appreciate that we are committed to a flexible involvement. They mention our reliability and communicative strengths and our willingness to find solutions, particularly regarding last-minute requests. We are committed to delivering what we promise, on or before the agreed-to date, with the highest quality standard, which we oversee directly from start to finish. 


At Opinions LTD no job is ever too big or too small.

Partner with us for any or all aspects of your research needs.